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Now Available: Charleston Charge and the Metal Monster

The fourth book in the Area 42 prequel series is now out: Charleston Charge and the Metal Monster.

This book re-introduces the Charleston Charge character whom I’ve been using for years. Initially, he was an insurance investigator for a company called TYRIS in a project called Choose Your Own Blogventure. Each week, readers would be asked to choose which path Charleston chose. Eventually, the project ended because the entire universe was rebooted.

Charleston Charge in his first comic appearance.

The reboot took the form of a project called Area 42 in which Charleston was de-aged into a high school student and found himself paired with an alien named Subject M (who is busy with other things at the moment) at the behest of a government agency called CREW, or the Center for the Research of the Extranormal and Weird and specifically a woman named Edolie DePrit, who also had her origin in the CYOB project. The comic lasted from May 2013 until August 2015, achieving 250 of the darn things. Afterward, attempts were made to put Charleston in other things but all of these fizzled out.

Now, with Area 42 being rebooted, the time was always coming when one of the original protagonists would join in. This particular story, or versions of it, has been gestating for some time. Originally, it was going to be the initial story of the Area 42 comic with Subject M as a version of the titular Metal Monster. Later on, a planned Area 42 comic collection would have seen the robot Perverto as the monster, or at least a version of the character as it would have been a prequel to the comic itself.

It’s gratifying to finally find somewhere to put Charleston Charge again, and equally gratifying to see one of the many story ideas I’ve had over the years finally see the light of day.


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