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  • Happy holidays! Have some free books!

    In honor of the holidays, every last one of the blasted things, the digital (and in many cases only) versions of my books will be free from now until Thursday the 29th! You can find them all here, along with any new releases in the coming year!

  • Amazon Author Page(s) and Free Books!

    Amazon Author Page(s) and Free Books!

    You can now go to Amazon and follow me there. This probably makes them promote my stuff more so I would really appreciate it if you did that. You can follow me at both:Mýk Podgor and Lord Mýk Podgor The differences are negligible and are a result of them allowing suffixes on paperbacks but not […]


  • Now Available: Charleston Charge and the Metal Monster

    The fourth book in the Area 42 prequel series is now out: Charleston Charge and the Metal Monster. This book re-introduces the Charleston Charge character whom I’ve been using for years. Initially, he was an insurance investigator for a company called TYRIS in a project called Choose Your Own Blogventure. Each week, readers would be […]

  • Now Available: No Hanky-Panky in the Graveyard

    The third book in the Area 42 prequel series is now out: No Hanky-Panky in the Graveyard. I originally wrote the first draft of this as a submission to the Ligonier Valley Writers annual flash-fiction contest. It lost but never left my mind and I knew it would always have a place somewhere and that […]

  • Obligatory Welcome Post

    Hello, and welcome to my new website. In addition to being a writer/columnist at the Fictosphere, various things for various comics, and actor/director/etc for several local plays I’m a novelist and this website shall encompass everything I put out from this point forward. One such story can be found here, entitled The Infernal Dozen. More […]